SEBÖK Tamās, violin   ooo   hegedû   ooo   Violon.

Born in 1986, he began violin at the age of 6 and piano at 5 years old. He is hungarian and belgian.

He played his first concert at Chiroux Theater at 9 years old. One year later, he won the Gretry National First Piano Prize of Belgium organized by the Rotary Club. The President of the Jury was the wellknown artist Georges Octors who was also President of the Qween Elisabeth International Violin Contest. He played J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart and Debussy.

He trained and finished piano at André-Modeste Grétry Academy of Ličge with Jeanne Knapen-Bernard. He played piano" at the age of 18  during the First Violin Contest of Cercle du Pays de Ličge. During this contest, he was invited with his sister Catherine SEBÖK to play Chopin and both, they won a certificate of "skill pianist" given by the Jury.

He finished the Academy of Ličge at Piano but at the same time he trained violin at Academy of Ličge successively with

Béatrice Gazon and Nathalie Gillard. He continued playing violin with Eric Melon (Royal Conservatory of Ličge) and Katalin Sebestyén (Royal Conservatory of Brussels). After that,  his trained with Veeze Maarten at Conservatory of Maastricht (nl).

At the age of 17 he won the First Violin Prize "Jeunes Talents" and also a Chamber music Prize of  the Cercle du Pays de Ličge like member of the string ensemble "La Vraie Note" during the International Violin Contest Henri Koch 2004 (B).

He was, with his sister Catherine, member during 4 years of the famous String Ensemble "La Vraie Note" conducted by Emil Lavrenov (B). He played in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Hungary and Netherland.

In 2000 he co-created with his componist father Ferenc Sebök "Musica aeterna" to play Chamber Music in Churches and to the Hungarian community of Belgium.

He also developped a repertoire of traditional hungarian music, but Musica aeterna plays also Sebök Music.

Tamās Sebök also played with Euro Symphonic Orchestra in Belgium (Conductor, Pascal Peiffer).

He played a large repertoire of music : Bach, Mozart, Paganini, Kreisler, Tartini, Rossini, Verdi, Puccini,

Bellini, Bartok, Vieuxtemps, Schubert, Sebök,...  and also Sacred music. 

In private concerts, he can offer duo, trio or quartet.    HOME  RETOUR  VISSZA           SEBÖK Tamās 2

Interested by hungarian traditional music ? Classical ? Music for Church ?...

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