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  After an expo in 2006, Spa Casino               


             2006                                                                                                                    2005 with Gyrgyi Bcsi, violonist


Just before expo, Lige, 2006                                                      Htel de Ville of Lige, 2006 - Commemoration of  hungarian revolution


                                                                                                                               Musica aeterna in concert 2005


Correction of works, 2002                                                                                  in workroom, 2006


                Hungarian community feast, Lige, 2004                                                 Duo Kati Sebk  and Wim Ilsen, 2006


                                             Violin duo with organ and choral - St Barthlemy church of Lige, 2006


                                                                  Christmas concert of Musica aeterna 2006, St Barthlemy Church


                                  Hungarian community of Lige, concert of Musica aeterna 2005, St Servais Church of Lige


                                             In concert 2008                                                                 Before concert


Collective painting exhibition at Kondor Bla Culture House, Budapest 2008                City Hall of Bonyhd

Kondor Bla Culture House, Budapest                                                                            City Hall of Komlo, Hungary


Helytrtneti museum of Szszvr, Hungary                                                    Fidelity and Harmony painting to the President of the Rep. Hungary

Some collective expos at Stefnia Palace, Budapest                                                  Vlgysg museum of Bonyhd, Hungary

With the Major of Komlo, Mr Pva Zoltn, 2007                                                    With the Major of Szszvr, Mr Bk Jnos, 2006


                                   Hungarian Community of Belgium with Mr President Slyom Lszlo (2008 april15, Brussels)


Espace Wallonie, 08 2008  Expo collective oeuvres maonniques              Armorial bearing of Szszvr on the Town Hall, 2006


Museum of Komlo, Hungary                                                                     

                                                                                                                            Town Hall of Grce-Hollogne, Belgium            


Painting exhibition at the opening of Mine Museum of Szszvr 2006             Painting exhibition 2006 at the Town Hall of Lige comemoring  1956