SEBÖK Ferenc











Nus et Corps    Nudes    Akt




Hommage 1976  Huile sur toile 40x60



Lune au repos 2002 huile sur panneau  40x50



         Woman source of life 2002             Woman drying her hair 1986

                        Oil on canevas 50x40                                  Ink on cardboard 36x27




Woman on her rockin chair 1987 36x27 ink on cardboard         Corps 1978  oil on canevas 53x43                                 


VITRIOL  2002  Oil on canevas  50x40



         Appel de Vénus  pencil on cardboard 33x24                               Contemplation sous le bandeau                                                        

                                   pencil on cardboard


 Coup de maillet 24x33 pencil on cardboard



 Femme au maillet 33x24 pencil on cardboard                    Pose entre les Colonnes 33x24 pencil on cardboard


 Dream of Moon 24x33 pencil on cardboard



 Réveil de la Maîtresse 33x24 pencil on cardboard                         Venus and Moonlight 33x24 pencil on cardboard



 Woman with the square 33x24 pencil on cardboard                     Venus dancing between pillars 33x24 pencil on cardboard

 Symbolical gynaeceum  33x24 Pencil on cardboard



Symbiosis 2008 Acrylic on canevas 50x40                           Queen of the Darkness 2008 Acrylic on canevas 50x40



Waiting in the Silence 2008 Acrylic on canevas 50x40              The head in the stars 2008  Acrylic on canevas 50x40