SEBK Ferenc



Artist Painter









Ferenc SEBK began painting in 1971. Nevertheless, he began earlier to draw.

At the begining he painted landscapes and he preference was two seasons :

automn and winter.


After a "blue period" in the 70th with landscapes and nudes, he used cold or warm colours

to paint fine winter moods with oil, gouache or simply ink or "marines" with jellow-blue-green dominance.

He also drew nudes and landscapes with ink since 1980.


Progressively he took the way of symbolism, and since 1990, representations with allegory and esoterism

but alwyas taking the way of realism and not of abstraction.


His research becomes more precise with different themes :

Man in the Universe, his questions and his quest on the earth, the approach of

ineffable and inexpressible.

He also paints Boards for Lodges in different countries and smaller paintings or miniatures

representing symbolic geometry where he often uses gold or silver.


An other exploration and themes are the hungarian revolution of 1956 and the period of dictature

where he often uses allegory or symbolism.

He also paints nudes but with a symbolic mood.


Now he still paints sometimes landscapes but only when sombody makes an order.


Last but not least, after training with different Master of Iconography, he uses tempera

like the olds masters to paint Icons with a baroque influence.


He works at Lige (B) and Szszvr (H)

He is member of "Kastar" artists association of Budapest and member of Sabam (B)

as artist painter


He is mentioned in different specialized books like :


Dictionnaire PIRON III; Ed. 2006, Artistes plasticiens de Belgique des XIX et XXS,

Ed. Art in Belgium.


Dictionnaire des compositeurs de Belgique du Moyen-ge nos jours, Th. Levaux, 2006,

Ed. Art in Belgium.


La Bible de l'Art singulier, Iconofolio, Le livre d'Art, 2008.


You can find his paintings especially in private collections but also in culture houses or museums.



Contacts :


Phone : 0032495 866 059

              0032485 693 765